Top 8 Regrets/Upsets for Carnival

Carnival in Trinidad & Tobago is, without a doubt, the most spectacular show on earth. The season begins on the day after Christmas on the twin-island state and is marked with a series of parties that continue until the Monday and Tuesday before Ash Wednesday. It is no surprise that the exorbitant drinking and endless dancing that takes place leading up to Carnival, along with the antics that occur on the road during Carnival Monday and Tuesday results in memories party goers and masqueraders either love or regret. Here are some of the most shared post-carnival upsets...

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1. Accidently wining on a 'vagrant' instead of a masquerader!

A familiar J'ouvert morning tale many people would not like to admit.

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2. Running into someone who's wearing your 'kit' in a fete!

The 'who wore it better' scenario frequently occurs among female party-goers in a fete.

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3. Spent your money to play in that 'Bess Band' only to eat pelau for lunch!

This traditional one-pot meal is good for feeding a crowd as the ingredients are quite cheap. Sometimes in order to cut cost Mas bands will provide it for lunch on Carnival Monday or Tuesday.

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Hahaha! That is soooo true! For that money you expect at least a decent lunch!

on 6/2/16

4. Not getting a proper goodie bag with your costume!

Masqueraders usually expect the thousands of dollars they dropped on a costume would afford them a great 'goodie bag'... Not quite so. Some items that can be found in this bag are a cup for your beverage, glitter so you can shine bright like a diamond, sunglasses, mini toiletries (especially for the ladies) and some cheap snacks to get you through your Carnival Monday and Tuesday experience.

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5. Spending extra money to get food from street vendors on Carnival Monday/Tuesday

Dissastisfied with the food menu provided to them on Carnival Monday and Tuesday, many Masqueraders find themselves coughing up extra cash for food from the nearby street vendors.

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6. Hyped yourself up to buy a costume only to realise you broke the bank to play mas wearing last year's twin.

We all know those costumes are just regurgitations from the previous year with a rearrangment of the colour scheme.

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7. Did not pace yourself at the all-inclusive bar on Carnival Monday...Too Hung-Over to 'Jump up' Carnival Tuesday!

This usually happens to Carnival Virgins who indulge too much at the bar for fear it will run out. Money well spent for one day?

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8. Lost your Band and they crossed the Stage without you!

Too drunk to keep up the pace with your band or simply took a detour to meet up with friends? Sadly mas waits for no one. When it's time to cross the stage, you'd better be ready in your section.

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The 2nd tho :D

on 15/3/16
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