10 Inspirational Caribbean Yogis on Instagram

It seems like no matter where you go, you can find yoga in some sort of form. However, have you ever thought of yoga in the Caribbean? The region's beautiful beaches, seascapes and sunsets are already stress-busters par excellence. But to really kick-off your Caribbean yogic journey, I've rounded up some of Instagram's most fearless and agile yogis. Follow these bliss-minded accounts and in no time, you'll be inspired to unroll your mat and start dreaming of the Caribbean sunset!


1. Follow @yoga_auntie

Follow Janelle @yoga_auntie to explore the real beauty of St.Lucia and for some impressive yoga poses.


🌺St. Lucia, Caribbean, WI 🌴 💗 universal, unconditional love 💝 🙏 peace inside and out 🔍adventure, new experiences

Inspirational yoga IG including her child



Saint Lucia
Credit - yoga_auntie

2. Follow @malaikabsl

@malaikabsl is a multidimensional artist showcasing her yoga, art and cultural influences on Instagram. Follow her to explore the beauty of the region, people, food, yoga and much more.


Malaika Brooks-Smith-Lowe

✨Caribbean Artist || Yoga Teacher || Activist ✨www.malaikabsl.com


Credit - @malaikabsl, 📷:Photo by @okromain

3. Follow @ kirasadhana

@Kirasadhana shares impressive yoga poses alongside short instructional videos showing her distinct style of yoga athleticism.


Kira Williams

Level I Authorised Ashtanga Yoga Teacher. Yoga student. Geek. Traveler. Lover. Seeker. Helper. Excel Database miner:) www.ashtangajamaica.com

Credit - @Kirasadhana

4. Follow @caribbean.yoga.girl

@caribbean.yoga.girl is a Dominican Republic yogi who poses by the most amazing beach, nature and graffiti backdrops. She also has a very good eye for scenery shots.


N a t a s h a A b a d

Y O G A · Beauty · Wellness · Adventure M A G I C · Love · Thanks · Joy •Yoga all the way •natashayoga@gmail.com

Dominican Republic
Credit - @caribbean.yoga.girl

5. Follow @embry_yogi

Bahamas based yoga ambassador @embry_yogi posts artistic yoga poses.


Mychal Bryan Iyengar Yoga Sadhaka • Caribbean Yoga Ambassador • Anatomy Nerd Executive Director of the Downtown Nassau Yoga Festival #DesignedForMovement www.cosmosisbahamas.com

Credit - @embry_yogi

6. Follow @thegentleyogi

@thegentleyogi has a playful “come as you are” Instagram account. Follow her for inspiration.


A Holder

Be gentle with yourself .... Always #Ahimsa Documenting my journey , one breath at a time ️Certified Yoga Teacherwww.facebook.com/events/507280589479186/?ti=icl

Trinidad and Tobago
Credit - @thegentleyogi

7. Follow @kimanimcdonald

Jamaican @kimanimcdonald is a naturopathic medical student sharing her yoga moments as well as health advice. She also comes from a musically influenced family.


Kimani McDonald Naturopathic Medical Student @ Bastyr University. Yoga teacher and student. Mat to Ma'at. The journey continues.... www.crowdrise.com/life-or-debt-a-tuition-appeal-for-global-health-/fundraiser/kimanimcdonald

Credit - @kimanimcdonald, 📷:Photo by @sabriyasimon

8. Follow @mit_sukha

@mit_sukha is a Grenadian – Haitian yoga and meditation teacher in Grenada. She shares nature-based shots and promotes eco-yoga.     


Yoga with MitSukha in Grenada

Bliss|Ease|Wellbeing 🔅200hr Yoga teacher trainings 🔅Yoga & Meditation Retreats 🔅Eco Yoga & Meditation Tour 🏽️💚🇬🇩 🇭🇹www.yoga.gd

Credit - @mit_sukha
 Su Kha

Thank you for the feature Limesquad, what a beautiful honor to be on this list with my fellow Caribbean Yogis

on 27/11/16

9. Follow @navystripesandpinkpolkadots

This young yogi has an impressive IG account and posts regular nature-based and beachside yoga snaps.


Yoga and sunshine 🌞 17 going on 70 @altaregoapparel ambassado

Trinidad and Tobago
Credit - @navystripesandpinkpolkadots

10. Follow @amamakeda

@Amamakeda – meet artist – global trotter – Haitian advocate. Certified yoga teacher, @amamakeda shares her globe-trotting shots alongside plenty of gorgeous shots from Haiti highlighting the natural beauty of the island. Beach envy? This IG is perfect if you are looking for inspiration.  


Certified Yoga Teacher/ Artist


Credit - @Amamakeda
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